Mother Eve’s daughters - and a few sons - return home to the Garden of Eden for a holiday family reunion.  Throughout the day, in story and song, they introduce us to the “Biblical Girls” we thought we knew and to some we’ve never even heard of!  Meet Lilith, Adam’s first wife, Sarah the Matriarch and her husband Abraham, Ruth the Wanderer, Hannah the Manna Gatherer, the Apostle Junia, and the unforgettable Thelma (aka Mrs. Noah), among others.  Hear their hitherto unheard voices speak up and speak out, recounting the hopes, heartaches and hilarity, the triumphs, challenges, and losses of life that have touched women and those they love across the globe since Adam and Eve first set foot outside the Garden. 

Laced with abundant humor and passion, Biblical Girl is a timely commentary on the challenges faced by the daughters of Eve - both then and now - in becoming full partners to the sons of Adam.  The musical was first inspired by the women of “Half the Sky,” a book by veteran reporters Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.  This compelling volume documents the struggle of women around the globe to achieve the full humanity still denied them.  The issues they confront - sexual slavery and violence, lack of adequate food, education, healthcare, forced marriage and early childbearing and more - are as daunting as their determination to change things is great.  While their obstacles are many, their tales also provide a hopeful vision of what women - and men - can achieve when working together.  (More at www.halftheskymovement.org)

In Eve’s holiday gathering, the lives of these women find echoes in the lives of their Biblical sisters - and in the Girl - and Boy - in each of us.  At its heart then, Biblical Girl is neither religious drama nor contemporary documentary but the lighthearted and heartfelt story of an unforgettable family - Ours.


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